Frequently asked questions

About the tours

What kind of tour is it?

These are 90 minute walking tours taking you to the main sights of the city but with guides that stick to the fun stuff.

What kind of comedy is it?

Typical Danish humor, direct, crude and quite often what you might consider politically incorrect.

If you like getting informed and offended at the same time, you’ll love our tours.

Are kids welcome?

Of course. We will PG-13 most of our comments in the walking tours if needed, but generally kids enjoy the tours to the fullest. It is not advisable to bring your kids to the Beer Walk– prams would be fine but inconvenient. 

And the pub crawl?

We do a lot less guiding and a LOT more drinking! Still very cultural though. We start young in Denmark, but maybe no kids on this one.

The pub crawls are separately ticketed events.

You can read more about those here.

Are the tours really free?

The 3 public walking tours are free to join. The guides work on the ‘Pay-What-You-Want’ tour model which means they work for your tips alone. At the end of the tour you can give your guide what you think the tour was worth.

The Beer Walk is a paid tour– tips are not expected, but are of course always welcome.


Do I have to book in advance?

Yes please book in advance to help us manage the group numbers so we know how many people to expect.

Can I book a large group?

The free tours are for individuals and small groups of up to 6 people. If you have a larger group, you can join the public tour for a fee of 100dkk per person or please contact us to inquire about a private tour.

Please note, we reserve the right to turn away multiple reservations resulting in groups over 6 people that are travelling together. This includes different members of the same group attempting to join the tour by making several individual bookings.

Children do not count towards the 6-person maximum, within reason, but contact us if you have any doubts.

How can I book a private tour?

Private tours are super fun and can be tailored to your needs.

Please don’t hesitate to message and chat with us to make something for you!


Do I need to understand English to enjoy the tours?

It’s better if you do. You don’t need to be fluent but the Guides are pretty quick witted and can sometimes speak quite fast.

Are the tours wheelchair friendly?

The Copenhagen Highlights and Hidden Copenhagen tours are suitable for people with reduced mobility. The Hippies & Christianshavn tour is not suitable for people who use wheelchairs. Please contact us if you have any more specific questions.

Are the tours pet friendly?

Yes as long as they aren’t cuter than the Guide.